Connie Xu

Operation Math

January 2021 - May 2021 | Website Design & Build |



OpMath is a hybrid tutoring service that utilizes digital platforms to enhance in-person lessons and create a personalized math learning path for students.

Our team was tasked with the challenge to design and build a website for Operation Math. The client wanted a site that was more playful and intuitive for students, parents, and tutors.

As a designer and sole developer for the team, I wanted to create beautiful designs with the team and transfer the designs and our visions into a functioning website.


Client Brief

We met with founder Mehr from Operation Math at each stage in the process to keep her updated and to get her feedback to improve the site.



Low Fidelity Mockup

Our team worked together on the first mood board and then tackle the Lo-Fi drafts. Our client liked “start-up” websites such as Stripe but wanted a more unique and fresh feel.

We needed a way to reimagine the simple website they already had, while still including valuable information.


Middle Fidelity Mockup

At first, we each took a stab at individual pages, but after meeting together, we decided to have one person create a design language, then collaborate from there.

We were able to take ownership of one aspect of the site under the guidance of the project manager.


High Fidelity Mockup

We came up with a tentative final design and then conferenced with our client Mehr for feedback and review.

We revised our drafts to make sure that we had authentic client reviews and graphics that addressed the OpMath clients (kids) and blocked out client names from the mockups.

I communicated time estimates for the website build. With approval for the final design, I built the website on Webflow and added custom animations with JavaScript.

Final Website

View the full website with this link:


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