Connie Xu


August 2020 - May 2021 | Social Media App Co-Founder |

Product Manager


Harmonize is a social application that provides a unique way to create deeper bonds through humans’ universal love for music by allowing people with similar music interests and tastes to seamlessly connect in a safe and inclusive environment.

The goal of the project was to learn how to start a social media company from ideation to beta launch.

As the Product Manager, I worked with the product lifecycle from ideation to key features to navigating profit-loss. I also ensured our team adhered to the needs of our stakeholders (the Gen-Z audience) and developed solutions. I worked closely with designers, developers, and marketing teams. As a co-founder of Harmonize, I also worked to design the application UI.


Job To Be Done

I utilized Agile Scrum and held the role of the Scrum Master to maintain an organized and efficient startup. Starting off with ideation, we began with identifying JTBDs.

We identified various jobs to be done in our world. Our idea started as an app to find music gigs for smaller artists in the SoCal area. We ultimately settled on creating a social media app where users can meet other people with similar music interests.

We were able to identify the purpose and intended impact of our company through this process. Overall, this identification process would help the process of defining projects, strategies, and implementing the app.



Business Plan

We spent the bulk of our sprints drafting, revisiting, and revising the business plan for our launch. From the company mission and drive to the financial contingency plan, we explored the creation of Harmonize.

One of the challenges we faced was the monetization of the product. I knew that we would need enough padding for salaries, development and maintenance costs, marketing, data collection, and updates.

Ultimately, we were able to create a subscription-based model in addition to ad revenue from lower-tier platforms on the subscription model. This model was a scalable way to generate revenue from the application.



I created a brandbook to ensure our design stays consistent throughout the collaboraitve building process of our application.

Middle Fidelity Mockup

Our team worked together to create the middle fidelity drafts as we had already established the branding design and had a unified understanding of the look and feel for Harmonize. We wanted to create a fun and bright color palette with a focus on targeting our Gen-Z market.


High Fidelity Prototype

After drafting a high fidelity prototype, we communicated with our mentors and beta testers to revise what features to remove/include.



Beta Launch

We launched our beta Harmonize app Spring 2021!

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